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SYSPAC Telephone Log

  • Ability to log all or selected incoming and outgoing telephone calls (including fax/modem calls) into the computer system.
  • The database generated automatically includes date, time, length, line #, station #, which location, telephone number dialed (if outgoing), and the project number (if applicable).
  • Various phone usage analysis and inquiry reports are available from the above database.
  • Integrated with the SYSPAC Office Automation system.
  • At the conclusion of every call, the system automatically generates a tickler message for the team member who received or made the phone call.
  • This tickler message is presented to the team member in the form of a worksheet in which the team member may take "unlimited" notes concerning this call, may transfer the tickler message to someone else, create a timecard into the SYSPAC Time Management & Billing System, make an insta-print of the message.
  • Integrated with the SYSPAC Address Master system as far as the outgoing telephone number is concerned (can be integrated with telephone systems and caller ID). If the phone user dials any number which is in the SYSPAC Address Master system the SYSPAC software knows the name, account number and all related information to that phone number automatically. Some of this information is automatically included in the message/tickler created for the team member.
  • Incoming telephone calls for a recipient that is unavailable to take the call at the time are automatically processed by the system. A telephone tickler is created and routed to an assigned team member such as a receptionist. That person then updates the tickler with a message and dispatches the telephone tickler to the mailbox of the appropriate recipient.