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SYSPAC QuickWriter
Word/Text Processor


  • Automatic letter/document composition from pre-stored formats & text
  • Automatic correspondence tracking system
  • Includes SYSPAC Address Master
  • ASCII transport capability
  • Automatically merge data from the database
  • Print labels & envelopes
  • Mass mailing capability
  • Conditional printing
  • Spelling checker and on-line thesaurus
  • Password any document
  • Define characters per inch and lines per inch within a document
  • Define font styles within a document
  • No limit to document capacity
  • Automatic page numbers, headers, footers and variable page length
  • Column editor & multi-column formatting, sort columns
  • Global search and replace
  • Split screens for dual editing
  • Ability for variable text widths within the same document
  • Automatic word wrap or hyphenation
  • Straight line graphics
  • Indexing option


  • Numerous terminals and printers supported
  • User may add other terminals/printers
  • Printer bin control
  • Optical character reader interface


  • Comprehensive user reference guide & quick reference material provided
  • Over 20 screens of on-line printable help
  • Toll-free hot-line & personalized training available