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SYSPAC Food/Produce Distribution

  • Distributor maintenance
  • Special order entry for distributors
  • Distributor statements
  • Multiple shipments per customer
  • Special order entry for customers
  • Invoicing to customers and distributors
  • Automatic deposit applications to customer & Distributor accounts
  • Special sales analysis per day
  • Special sales analysis per week
  • Special sales analysis per month
  • Special sales analysis with periodic comparison
  • Special sales analysis per item category per store
  • Special sales analysis per location
  • Several custom sales analyses
  • Integrated with inventory control and complete accounting
  • Delivery sheets per day
  • Customized delivery system
  • Profit analysis per category of the items
  • Maintenance of store chains
  • Net sales profit
  • Returns report
  • Sales analysis reports per distributor
  • Comprehensive sales "history" analysis