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SYSPAC Point of Sale

  • Designed with time-saving techniques for on-the-spot sales
  • Notification of customer’s credit limit with ability to override credit limit with the proper password
  • Special notes regarding a customer can be displayed with the option of making certain messages blink, drawing additional attention to them
  • Compatible with various point of sale workstations
  • Will print receipt via terminal aux port if terminal is so equipped
  • Computes sales tax according to the product and customer, and sales price based on customer and/or quantity purchased
  • Tracks cash receipts by check, cash, coin, and credit card
  • Handles deposits, returns, discounts, and credits
  • Give gift certificates & accept payment in the form of gift certificates
  • Allows over the counter payments to be applied to the customer’s accounts receivable balance
  • Displays current customer aging on the entry screen
  • Cash drawer balances and various checkout reports
  • Commits inventory on-line using SKU numbers, serial numbers, and/or lot numbers
  • Ability to sell merchandise which is not in inventory with unlimited remarks capability
  • On-line help screens and user reference guide