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SYSPAC Collections System

  • Ability to assign collectors to accounts
  • Ability to generate collection ticklers automatically each night per collector according to user defined criterion
  • Integrated with SYSPAC Office Automation System
  • Ability to generate "Quick Letters" automatically and upon demand using user defined "Templates" and letter styles
  • Integrated with SYSPAC Quickwriter Word/Text Processor
  • Unlimited categories of "styles", and "templates" allowed and determined by the user
  • Ability to take unlimited notes per client
  • Above notes are date, time, and user stamped, and each note can be as long as the user wishes it to be
  • While taking these notes, the user has the ability to create a future "Reminder/Tickler" concerning the account
  • Above notes can also be sent as on-line "messages" to other concerned colleagues and managers if the user so desires
  • Ability to track the accounts by creating unlimited sub-lists according to user criterion. Each of these sub-lists may use applicable multiple screens as worksheets.
  • Ability to browse through account activity including notes and correspondence (unlimited entries) quickly and be able to create new "Automatic Letter" quickly using existing templates.
  • Ability to track and analyze the telephone usage per collector per day, per week, per month, or for any range of dates
  • Integrated with SYSPAC Accounts Receivable