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SYSPAC Manufacturing

  • Multiple (unlimited) Levels of Bill of Materials and Operations
  • Lot Number Audit Trail and Tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Multiple Units of Measure per Item
  • Indented Bill of Materials Reports
  • Where Used Reports
  • Component Reports
  • Automatic Committing of Raw Materials and Sub-Assemblies when assembling a Bill of Material
  • Ability to Disassemble Bill of Materials Kits
  • Quick "Availability" Analysis with detail information concerning quantities that can be manufactured
  • "Availability" Analysis per Level of Bill of Materials with information concerning "Limiting Components" which need to be made or bought
  • Comprehensive Inventory Control Reports including Transactions, Audit Trail, Layer Reports, and the Master Status Reports
  • Several Exception Reports
  • Purchasing Suggestion Reports per Department
  • Production Requirements Reports per Department
  • Practical Materials Requirements Planning
  • Integrated with SYSPAC Office Automation for on-line messages concerning production and other related schedules
  • Comprehensive Inventory Reconciliation module to help with Year-End Physical Inventory or Periodic Cycle counts
  • Integrated with SYSPAC Job Costing, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger modules
  • "Internal Requests" module to initiate demands for Materials, Sub-Assemblies and Finished Goods to assist Material Requirement Planning