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Payroll Table of Contents

I. Introduction to SYSPAC

II. Application Overview

III. Initial Set-Up

    A. Initial Set-Up Checklist

        1. Address Master - Mini

        2. Address Master - Full

        3. Add/Edit Entities / Departments

        4. Add/Edit Payroll Codes / Accrual Codes

        5. Add/Edit Deduction Codes

        6. Add/Edit Tax Codes

        7. Add/Edit Workman's Comp Codes

        8. Add/Edit Other Payroll Codes

        9. Add/Edit Sure Pay Banks

        10. Add/Edit Withholding Tables

        11. Add/Edit Misc. Tax Tables

        12. Add/Edit Exemp / Deduc Tables

        13. Add/Edit FUI/SUI Tables

        14. Add/Edit Locations

        15. Add/Edit Cost Centers

        16. Add/Edit G/L Interface

        17. Add/Edit Employee Information

        18. Add/Edit Employee Totals

IV. Payroll Processing

    A. Timecard Processing

        1. Add/Edit Timecards

        2. Timecard List

        3. Calculate Payroll

        4. Print Current Payroll Report

        5. Create Default Timecards

    B. Check Processing

        1. Combine Check Records

        2. Add/Edit Check Records

        3. Print Payroll Checks

    C. Print Check Register

    D. Post Checks

    E. Employee Inquiry

V. Reports

    A. Payroll Codes List

    B. Accrual Codes List

    C. Banks List

    D. Withholding Tables List

    E. Miscellaneous Tax Tables List

    F. Unemployment Wage & Tax Report

    G. Cost Center List

    H. Location List

    I. G/L Interface List

    J. General Information List

    K. Sure Pay Report

    L. Deduction Information

    M. Tax Information

    N. Totals Report

    O. Active Payroll Worksheet

    P. Timecard History List

    Q. Employer Contributions Report

    R. Payroll Department Summary

    S. History Payroll Report

    T. Payroll Check Journal

    U. Unemployment Report

    V. AZ DES Wage Listing

    W. Workers Compensation List

    X. State Taxes List

    Y. Federal Taxes List

    Z. 8th Month Reports

    AA. Current Payroll Deductions

    BB. Bls Stats Report

    CC. Payroll Master Report

VI. Special Processing

    A. Add/Edit Voided Checks

    B. Void Checks

    C. Clear MTD and/or YTD Totals

    D. Year End Processing

    E. W-2 Statement Print

VII. Programming Reference


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Phoenix, Arizona
Fax: 602-955-0085