General Ledger Table of Contents

I. Introduction to SYSPAC

II. Application Overview

III. User Reference Guide

    A. General Ledger Main Menu

IV. Initial G/L set-up

    A. Set-Up Sub-Menu

    B. Set-Up Checklist

    C. Address Master - Required Class Codes

    D. Address Master - Mini Entry Screen

    E. Address Master - Full Entry Screen

    F. Add/Edit Entities & Departments

    G. Add/Edit Chart of Accounts

    H. Copy Chart of Accounts

    I. List Chart of Accounts

    J. Entity Interface Control

    K. Department Interface Control

    L. Add/Edit Journal Designations

    M. Add/Edit Recurring Codes

    N. Edit G/L Type Definitions

    O. Change Account Numbers

V. Transaction Processing

    A. Add/Edit Journal Entries

    B. Collect Journals from Modules

    C. List Unposted Journal Entries

    D. Post Journal Entries

    E. Add/Edit Journal Entry Codes

    F. Add/Edit Recurring Entries

    G. List Recurring Entries

    H. Post Recurring Entries

VI. Financial Statements

    A. Basic

        1. Basic Statement Formats

        2. List Basic Statement Formats

        3. Balance Sheet

        4. Income Statement

    B. Advanced

        1. Create Default Advanced Formats

        2. Advanced Statement Format

        3. List Advanced Statement Formats

        4. Advanced Statements

VII. Reports

    A. Posted Current Month Reports

        1. List Posted Journals

        2. Account Activity Inquiry

    B. General Ledger

    C. Short General Ledger Summary

    D. Comparative Analysis

    E. Trial Balance Worksheet

VIII. Periodic Processing

    A. Close Period

    B. Unpost Journal Entries

    C. Reopen Period Without Unposting

    D. Purge Journal History Transaction

 IX. Programming Reference

    A. File Structure



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