Add/Edit Recurring Codes

This selection enables you to store codes that are used during the data entry of G/L distributions for journal transactions. This timesaver automatically distributes specified percentages of the total amount to the appropriate G/L accounts.

Ad Ed Rec Codes


Enter a unique identification code for each recurring G/L distributions record. Example: AR.DISC To display an existing record, enter the ID or ??? and RETURN to select an ID from the cross reference list displayed.


    Enter any number of descriptive lines. This description is for reference only and is not carried to other entry screens or reports. If editing the description, you may utilize ‘word processing mode’ by entering QW from the edit option line. The word processing commands are explained on page 8.


    Enter a G/L account number. If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN, then part of the account number to search on or ALL to select from the chart of accounts displayed. You may enter any number of lines containing G/L distributions. Just press RETURN to exit this field.


    The G/L account description is automatically displayed.

DR %

    Enter the percentage to debit or just press RETURN to enter a credit percentage. Example: 10 = 10%, 100 = 100%

CR %

    Enter the percentage to credit or just press RETURN to bypass this field. Example: 10 = 10%, 100 = 100% NOTE: The debits and credits DO NOT have to balance or equal 100%.