Department Interface Control

This interface control set-up will act as a time-saver during data entry by automatically making appropriate distributions to G/L accounts according to the entry screen, entity, and department. This set-up is not required if there is only one department for the entity.

Department Interface Control


    Enter the entity ID. The entity name is automatically displayed.


    Enter a valid department ID corresponding with this entity.


    This description is system-generated, listing items valid for G/L distribution from your other SYSPAC software modules. Automatic distribution will occur only when an entry to that item is required as part of the G/L distribution.


    Enter the general ledger account number which relates to this description. Each time you display this screen, only the items that have not been assigned a G/L account number will require entry.


    The G/L account description is automatically displayed.

    When all required account numbers have been entered, the message ‘item is complete’ will appear, and you can enter FI at the MODIFICATIONS prompt to file and save your entries