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SYSPAC Fixed Assets Management

This module enables the user to use any depreciation method, which the system uses to automatically calculate the depreciation of fixed assets over a designated period of time.

  • Entry of item information including description, model number and serial number, life in years, and item cost
  • Maintenance of vendor information, purchase date, location, asset type, department, insurance coverage/amount
  • Service contract information, service history including frequency and expiration date
  • Dated, signed, unlimited note pad
  • Cross-referencing capability for depreciation items
  • Ability to use any method of depreciation
  • Automatically calculates and displays dates, rate percentage, depreciation amount, accumulated depreciation, and book value
  • Ability to review inventory layers
  • Ability to view/print cost & revenue transactions chronologically per fixed asset
  • Detailed depreciation report
  • Monthly and yearly depreciation report
  • Creates general ledger entries (asset, expense, & depreciation accounts)
  • Comprehensive user reference guide
  • On-line help screens which can be edited by the user