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Accounts Receivable Table of Contents

Application Overview

I. Introduction

    A. Capabilities of Package

    B. Accounts Receivable Main Menu

    C. Initial Set-Up Checklist

II. Accounts Receivable Initial Set-Up

    A. Address Master - Mini

    B. Address Master - Full

        1. Add/Edit Client & Salesmen Information

        2. Additional Client Information

        3. Client Listing

        4. Salesman Listing

    C. G/L Set-Up

        1. Add/Edit Entities & Departments

        2. Add/Edit Chart Of Accounts

        3. Entity Interface Control

        4. A/R Code G/L Interface

    D. General Set-Up

        1. Add/Edit Term Codes

        2. Add/Edit Tax Codes

        3. Add/Edit A/R Codes

        4. A/R Codes List

        5. Add/Edit Billing Cycles

        6. Add/Edit Minimum Transfer

        7. Finance Charge Information

    E. Statement Comments Set-Up

        1. Add/Edit Comments

        2. Comments List

III. Transactions

    A. Create Charges

        1. Add/Edit Invoices

        2. List of Invoices Charges

        3. Print Invoice

        4. Post Invoice Charges

    B. Deposit / Invoice Payments

        1. Add/Edit Deposit Receipts

        2. List of Deposits Entered

        3. Deposit Slip

        4. Post Deposits

        5. Deposit Reports

            a. Balances as of a Date

            b. Applications by Date

            c. By Date

            d. Summary for Last 60 Days

        6. Add/Edit Deposit Applications

        7. List Applications

        8. Post Deposit Applications

    C. Debit / Credit memos

        1. Add/Edit Memos

        2. Memo Edit Listing

        3. Memo Print

        4. Post Memos

        5. Memo Balance Report

        6. Add/Edit Memo Applications

        7. List Memo Applications

        8. Post Memo Applications

    D. Deposit / Memo Adjustments

        1. Add/Edit A/R Adjustments

        2. A/R Adjustments Edit Listing

        3. Post A/R Adjustments

        4. Posted A/R Adjustment Listing

    E. Invoice Transfers

        1. Add/Edit Invoice Transfers

        2. Transfer Listing

        3. Transfer Posting

    F. Recurring Charges

        1. Add/Edit Recurring Charges

        2. List of Recurring Charges

        3. Choose Recurring Charges

        4. List of Chosen Recurring Charges

        5. Edit Chosen Recurring Charges

        6. Print Invoices for Recurring Charges

        7. Post Recurring Charges

    G. Customer Refunds

        1. Add/Edit Refund Check

        2. Print Refund Edit Check List

        3. Print Refund Checks

        4. Post Refund Checks

        5. Void Refund Check

        6. Check Journal

        7. Review Posted Refund Checks

IV. On-Line Inquiries

    A. Invoice Inquiry

    B. DR/CR Memo Inquiry

    C. Client Receivables Inquiry

    D. Aged Balance Due

    F. Refund Inquiry

    G. Check Inquiry

    H. Invoice Mailed Date

V. Periodic Reports

    A. Aged Receivables

    B. Transactions Summary

    C. Invoice Register

    D. Clients Summary

    E. Credit Balances

    F. Over 90 Days by Customer

    G. Invoices Over 90 Days by Salesman

    H. Salesmen Commissions

    I. Sales Tax

    J. Transactions Detail

VI. Periodic Routines

    A. Compute Payment Statistics

    B. Purge Invoices

    C. Purge Memos

    D. Purge Deposits

    E. Purge Checks

    F. Create Late Charges

    G. Run Statements

    H. Clear Customer Totals

    I. Regenerate Client Totals

VII. Flowcharts


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