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SYSPAC Accounts Receivable

The SYSPAC Accounts Receivable module maintains accurate records of the monetary transactions and balances of your clients.

  • Includes SYSPAC Address Master, maintaining client detail
  • On-screen invoice, cash receipt, and check distribution and resolution inquiries
  • Entry of charges, credit memos, adjustments, and recurring charges with automatic invoice numbering
  • Application of deposits, cash receipts, cash disbursements, and finance charges
  • Cash receipts and cash disbursements separated
  • Cash Received in lump sum for bank deposit, eliminating need for prompt disbursements
  • Disbursements for audit purposes
  • Complete salesman maintenance
  • Generate customer refunds with ability to print refund checks
  • Open item/web/font>balance forward
  • Print invoices and recurring invoices
  • Computes payment statistics
  • Clearing routine for client totals
  • Purging routine for invoices
  • Integrated with SYSPAC General Ledger
  • Comprehensive user reference guide