A/P Check Inquiry

This selection enables you to view Accounts Payable check information for a specific vendor.

Your first step is to access the Add/Edit Vendors screen and display the vendor for the inquiry. From the MODIFICATIONS prompt, enter the X Function corresponding with the A/P Check Inquiry option (use X1 or XF to search).

WHICH ENTITY (01;02;08) >

Enter the entity ID. For multiple entities, separate them with a semi-colon (;). The following screen will appear (sample shown).

p94ap2.gif (3838 bytes)

# Enter the number corresponding with the line you wish to view payment information
DETAIL Enter D and RETURN to view Detailed information, or N for No Detail.
PRINT Enter P and RETURN to Print check information. Enter 1 to sort by check number or 2 to sort by check date. Enter your output selection.
F# Enter F and the number of screens you wish to scroll Forward (F2).
B# Enter B and the number of screens you wish to scroll Backward (B3).
END Enter END to exit this screen.

If a line number was entered, the following screen will appear and payment distribution information for the check selected will be displayed.

Enter your selection from the option line displayed. If a line number is entered, the following screen will appear, displaying invoice resolution information for that line.