Add/Edit Bank Vouchers

This selection enables you enter debits and credits against your system-generated bank statement in order to match the bank’s statement. These debit/credit entries are called bank vouchers.

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Each voucher is uniquely identified with a system-generated number assigned sequentially. To edit an existing unposted voucher, enter the voucher number (if unknown, enter ??? and RETURN to select from the cross-reference list displayed). To create a new voucher, enter a period (.) and RETURN which automatically assigns a voucher number.


Enter the date of the voucher. Be sure the date falls within the time period you are reconciling.


Debit amounts are preceded by a minus (-246.98) and credit amounts stand alone (246.98).




Enter a valid account number. Example: 01.01.1003 If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN, then enter text on which to search. A list of account numbers will be displayed enabling you to make your selection. When an account number is entered, the account description is displayed for reference. Next, enter either a debit or credit amount. There are unlimited lines for distribution. Before filing and saving the record, the GL Balance must be zero, indicating that the debits and credits are equal.