Edit Chosen Invoices

This routine enables you to edit invoices that have been chosen for payment prior to printing checks.

p60ap.gif (4516 bytes)



Enter the ID of the vendor to be paid. If unknown, type ??? and RETURN to search by last or company name.


Enter the sequence number, which is the order in which batches of invoices were entered against the vendor.


You may edit areas 1-4 or GL. If area 4 is chosen, you may select a line number to edit, and then a column number. Valid columns are A=Amount Due, P=Payment Amt, R=Adj Reference, AGL=Adjustment G/L

If GL is chosen, you may edit the G/L distributions by selecting the line number and then the column number.

If changes are made, print the "List of Invoices to Pay" again to verify the data. The next step is to "Print Checks and Post". Refer to that section for instructions.