Enter a Demand Check

This screen enables you to print a check on demand. You are able to pay all or part of existing invoices, or if no invoice has been entered, this routine will create an invoice for the check printed. This option is found on the Demand Checks sub-menu.

p49ap.gif (4517 bytes)


Enter the entity ID. If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN to select from a list of valid entity IDs.


Enter the ID of the person or company to which this check is being made payable (must be a valid Address Master ID). If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN, then enter characters from the last name or company name on which to search and choose from the cross-reference list displayed. To add a new address record, enter NEW (from the option line on which NEW is an option). If you add a new record, after filing and saving the address record enter END until you return to the demand check screen. The vendor name and address is displayed for reference.


Enter a numerical or alpha character or characters which will keep multiple checks generated for a vendor listed sequentially for editing and posting purposes. If you enter a sequence that has already been used for that vendor, the check information for that sequence will display. Enter EX and RETURN and try the next sequence number or alpha character until you find one that is not being used (for new demand check entries).


Enter the ID of the bank account against which this transaction will be posted. If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN to choose an ID from the list displayed.


Enter the date that will print on the check, enter D to display today’s date, or just press RETURN for no date.


Enter the number of the check on which this information will print.



This is a multi-value field, allowing you to enter multiple invoices to pay. If the invoice(s) you are paying have already been entered and posted through Enter Invoices, enter the invoice number (one per line) or ??? to choose from a list of unpaid invoices for the vendor selected. (NOTE: Invoices listed may have been paid but until the checks are posted, they will continue to be listed). The date, amount, discount amount, and discount date for the invoices chosen to pay is displayed for reference. Discount information will not display if the discount date has expired.

If the invoice was not previously entered and posted through Enter Invoices, enter the invoice number here. If there is no invoice number you must assign one. You will be prompted: NOT ON AP FILE. DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE? Verify the invoice number and answer Y or N. A Y answer will create the invoice when the check is posted.


This is the amount due on the invoice (only displayed for invoices entered and posted through Enter Invoices) which is displayed for your reference. This amount does not update until payments and adjustments are posted.


Enter the amount that you are paying. Do not use dollar signs or commas ($ or ,) with the numerical input.


Enter the amount that you are adjusting on this invoice, if applicable. Precede credit amounts with a hyphen (-).




You may not enter/edit expense distributions for invoices that were entered and posted through Enter Invoices, since the expense distribution accompanied that invoice. For invoices created at this screen, you are prompted for the expense account to debit. If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN, then enter characters in the account description to search on and select from the cross-reference list displayed. This is a multi-value field, allowing multiple expense account distributions for this check record.

To view or edit your expense distributions, from the MODIFICATIONS prompt, enter 6 (number that corresponds with invoices) then enter the line number corresponding with the invoice for which you wish to view expense distributions. Next, enter EXP which will display the expense accounts for that invoice, enabling you to add or edit if needed.


The Accounts Payable account is automatically debited and the Bank Account is automatically credited (the A/P account is defined in the Interface Control files in G/L, and the Bank ID is defined in the

check record). These distributions may be viewed/edited by entering GL at the MODIFICATIONS prompt.


Aside from the Expense, A/P, and Bank account distributions, other G/L distributions for this check record may be made per invoice paid by entering 6 from MODIFICATIONS, and then entering the line number corresponding with the invoice to add/edit distributions. Next, enter GL to add/edit additional distributions.


After you have filed and saved the check record, you will be prompted "DO YOU WANT TO PRINT THIS CHECK?". Enter Y to begin printing the check on your slave printer (the check data will also scroll on your screen). Enter N to save the check data but not print the check. If you wish to print the check later, display the check record and enter FI to display the prompt to print. NOTE: Update the check number field if necessary.