Add/Edit Recurring Invoices

Payments that occur monthly and that do not change are entered in this screen. This acts as a timesaver when processing payables, eliminating the need to create identical invoices each time payment is due. Examples: business loan, car payment This option is found on the Recurring Invoices sub-menu.

After the recurring invoice(s) are entered, the User will execute the ‘Generate Invoices from Recurring’ routine each month, which creates an invoice that can be edited and posted.

p42ap.gif (4832 bytes)


Enter the entity ID. If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN to select from the list of existing entities displayed.


Enter the vendor ID. If unknown, enter ??? then enter characters in the last or company name to search on and select from the cross-reference list displayed.


If there is more than one recurring payment for a particular vendor, you may enter a number or alpha character in this field to keep each record in sequential order. Example: 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C The system default is 1.


Enter the date that this invoice was originally entered into the system. Press RETURN to default to today’s date.








Enter any reference. This is a multi-value field which allows unlimited lines of entry.

You may enter more than one reference line for a specific invoice. Example: One loan may be for several business locations, i.e., East Valley, West Valley. These categories could be entered like this:

Line # Reference Amount
1 North Valley $1250.00
2 East Valley 2275.00
3 West Valley 2125.00

The detail is there, but there will only be one check to this vendor.


Enter a dollar amount for each reference line. If no decimal is entered, the system places the decimal after the number entered. Example: If 50 is entered, the system will display $50.00.


Enter the beginning date of this payment. Example: If the first payment is not due for 60 days, enter that date here. When you execute the ‘Generate Invoices from Recurring’ routine, this date will be referenced by the system, and will not generate an invoice before this date.


Enter the ending date of this payment. Example: If the last payment of your loan is due /web/93, enter /web/93 as the ending date. When you execute the ‘Generate Invoices from Recurring’ routine, this date will be referenced by the system, and will not generate an invoice after this date.


Enter the day this payment is due. Example: If the due date is the first of every month, enter 01. If due on the 15th, enter 15. A 2-digit number is required in this field.


Enter the discount amount if applicable. Example: If you are given an option to save $10.00 by making your payment early, enter 10.00 here. Just press RETURN to bypass this prompt.


If a discount amount was entered, enter the date that your payment must be made on in order to take advantage of the discount.

After you are finished entering reference lines, press RETURN at the beginning of a new line to exit and finish the entry screen.


If interfacing with SYSPAC General Ledger, enter the appropriate G/L distributions. To search for and select valid account numbers, enter ??? and RETURN. Descriptions of the chosen accounts are displayed for reference.


Enter the amount to debit to this account or press RETURN to enter the amount as a credit.


This balance is calculated based on the G/L Distributions you have entered. The system will not allow you to file and save the record if the balance does not equal zero (0). To reach a balance of zero, your debits must equal your credits.