Add/Edit Invoices

Invoices received from vendors are entered into this screen for processing. This option is found on the Enter Invoices sub-menu.

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Enter the entity ID. If unknown, enter ??? and RETURN to select from the list displayed.


Each batch of invoice entries is uniquely identified with a batch number for calculation and tracking purposes. Enter a period (.) and press RETURN to generate the next available batch number. To edit or add to an existing batch, enter the batch number or type ??? and RETURN to select the desired batch number from the list displayed.

The cross-reference list that displays when a search is done (???) provides the following information: The batch number, the total accumulated dollar amount of the batch, and the team member who entered the batch. A special security measure may be set-up so that once a team member begins entering a batch, no other team member is allowed to make entries against that batch - a new batch must be created.


Enter the ID of the vendor from which the invoice was received. If the ID is unknown, enter ??? and RETURN, then enter beginning characters of the company or last name on which to search. You may then select from the cross-reference list displayed.


Enter the invoice number that the vendor assigned to the invoice. If there is no invoice number, you may assign your own. Be sure it is a unique number, one that will not be a duplication of a past or future invoice. There is no limit to the number of characters that may be entered for the invoice number. The entire number is stored even if it does not display in its entirety on the screen. Do not use spaces within your invoice number. If you need separation use hyphens, slashes, or periods.


Enter the total invoice amount (include tax, freight, etc.). If no decimal is entered, the system displays the decimal after the number entered. Example: 100 = 100.00


Enter the purchase order number if applicable. If unknown, enter ??? to select from a list of existing purchase orders.


Enter the vendor’s date of invoice, or press RETURN to display today’s date.


Enter the date you received the invoice, or press RETURN to display today’s date. This date carries over to your General Ledger.


Enter the date the invoice is due. This date will affect the Accounts Payable Aged Report. An entry is required in this field.


Enter the date that the vendor expects payment, or RETURN to accept the default.


Enter any discount amount here. The system will deduct this amount only if the check is processed on or before the discount date. Just press RETURN to bypass this field.


Enter the date that your payment must be made by in order to take advantage of the discount. Example: If the 15th is the deadline, enter /web/93


Enter any other discount amount (ie: trade discount). The discount will credit to a specified revenue account, and the remaining amount will go to an uninvoiced purchases or inventory account. This method does not understate inventory, but takes revenue at the point of purchase instead of point of sale.


Enter any notes here for future reference. This is a multi-value field, which allows unlimited lines of entry. Press RETURN at the beginning of a new line to exit this field.



The first G/L Distribution is automatically generated, using the proper number for your Accounts Payable account if the Interface Control files were set-up in the G/L menu. You must enter the offsetting G/L account distributions. If no beginning entry was generated, enter appropriate G/L distributions for this invoice. To search for and select valid account numbers, enter ??? and RETURN. Descriptions of the chosen accounts are displayed for reference.


Enter the amount to debit to this account or press RETURN to enter the amount as a credit.


This balance is calculated based on the G/L Distributions you have entered. The system will not allow you to file and save the record if the balance does not equal zero (0). To reach a balance of zero, your debits must equal your credits.

If integrated with SYSPAC Job Cost, you are prompted for the job cost distributions. (Documentation pending)


From the Modifications prompt, enter X1 to update costs. This option is available if there is a Purchase Order and Receipt corresponding with the invoice. Receipts for the vendor are displayed with this option line:

Enter line of receipt to edit:

A Edit all receipts
Scroll Forward/Backward to view additional receipts
L# List receipts beginning with a specific line number (L5)
END Exit this screen, not saving changes
EX Clear this screen, not saving changes
FI File and save entries/changes
If "A" was entered at the previous option line, you are prompted:
Choose an edit mode: (I=Invoice, F=Freight, B=Both)
I Update Invoice costs only
F Update Freight costs only
B Update Both invoice & freight costs

Options for each selection above:

A Automatic Extension
PF Prorate Freight
E# Edit specific line number (E3)
# Reprompts for Receipt to edit
M Reprompts for Edit Mode selection
EDITING: Prompts you for the updated invoice cost & freight cost if applicable.
FI Remember to File and Save your entries