Accounts Payable Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Application Overview

III. User Reference Guide

    A. Capabilities of Package

    B. Accounts Payable Main Menu

IV. Initial set-up

    A. Checklist

    B. Address Master - Required Class Codes

    C. Address Master - Mini

    D. Address Master - Full

    E. Add/Edit Bank Accounts

    F. Add/Edit Term Code

V. Normal Operations

    A. Enter Invoices

        1. Add/Edit Invoices

        2. List of Invoices

        3. Post Invoice

        4. Edit Posted Invoices

    B. Invoices Adjustments

        1. Add/Edit Adjustments

        2. List of Adjustments

        3. Post Adjustments

    C. Recurring Invoices

        1. Add/Edit Recurring Invoices

        2. List of Recurring Invoices

        3. Generate Invoices from Recurring

    D. Demand Checks

        1. Enter a Demand Check

        2. List of Demand Checks

    E. Choose Invoices to Pay

        1. Choose Invoices to Pay

        2. List of Invoices to Pay

        3. Edit Chosen Invoices

    F. Print Checks & Post

        1. Print Checks

        2. Remittance Report

        3. List of Printed Checks

        4. Post Regular & demand Checks

    G. Void Checks

        1. Void Unposted Checks

        2. Void Posted Checks

        3. Add/Edit Voided Checks

    H. Bank Management & Cash Flow

    I. Bank Vouchers

        1. Add/Edit Bank Vouchers

        2. Voucher Edit List

        3. Post Bank Vouchers

    J. Bank Reconciliation

        1. Print Bank Statement

        2. Reconcile Bank Statement

        3. Post Reconciliation

        4. Unpost Reconciliation

VI. Inquiry

    A. Vendor Payables Inquiry

    B. Invoice Inquiry

    C. Check Inquiry

    D. Voucher Inquiries

    E. X Function Inquiries

        1. A/P Inquiry

        2. A/P Check Inquiry

VII. Miscellaneous reports

    A. List of all Vendors

    B. Vendor List (New)

VIII. Periodic reports

    A. Payables by Vendor

    B. Aged Accounts Payable

    C. Invoice Register

    D. Discount Due Date

    E. Cash requirements

    F. Accounts Payable Activity List

    G. 1099 Processing

    H. Transaction Summary Report

    I. Check Journal List

    J. Void Check List

IX. Periodic Routines

    A. Clear Vendor MTD / YTD Totals

    B. Purge/Print Paid Invoices

    C. Purge Bank Transactions   

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