15:34:22 17 Apr 1998            VENDOR LISTING                       PAGE    1
ID        NAME/ADDRESS/PHONE             N# NOTES
--------- ------------------------------ -- -----------------------------------
BOMBAZ    XYZ INC.                
          PHOENIX, AZ  85015            

BOO       XYZ CO                          1 SCOTT SAID HAULING AWAY THE SIGNS 
          DREW                              WAS A VERBAL BETWEEN US.  HE       
          4028 W. WHITTON AVE.              GARANTEED IT WOULD BE DONE.        
          PHOENIX, AZ  85019              2 SCOTT MEHLHOFF IS NO LONGER WITH  
          602-272-xxxx                      THE COMPANY. WE ARE TO TALK WITH   
                                          3 CALLED ABOUT THE LIGHTING IN THE  
                                            SIGN, DREW WAS OUT ON A JOB, HE    
                                            WILL CALL THIS AFTERNOON OR IN THE 
                                          4 DREW CALLED ABOUT THE NEW SIGNS,  
                                            HE SAYS THE CASES STILL NEED TO BE 
                                            MADE AND PAINTED.  SCHEDULED FOR   
                                            INSTALLATION ON 4-11-95.           

BOOKST    XYZ INC. CO.                      
          2073 E. CAMELBACK             
          PHOENIX, AZ                   

BORBOO    XYZ         
          2402 E. CAMELBACK             
          PHOENIX, AZ  85016