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SYSPAC Purchasing

This module enables the user to create, edit, and track purchase orders utilizing the SYSPAC Address Master and SYSPAC Inventory modules.

• Multi-Entity, Multi-Department, Multi-Warehouse System
• Extensive Cross-Referencing Capability
• Unlimited Line Items per Purchase Order with Paging Capability
• Inventory Immediately Committed On-Line
• Line Item Coding either Commits the Inventory Item or Creates a Remark Line, not affecting Inventory
• Time-Saving User Defaults and Automatic Displays and Calculations are Utilized
• Ability to Edit and Reprint Purchase Orders
• Enables Ship-To Address Retrieval by Customer
• Print Standard Purchase Orders on Plain Paper; Customized Forms and Layouts available
• Track Open Purchase Orders Easily
• Quantity Received Adjustment Capability per Line Item
• Purchase Order History Inquiry and Purge Routines
• Comprehensive User Reference Manual
• User-Friendly, User-Editable On-Line Help


Receive All or Part of a Purchase Order
• Receipt and Purchase Order Cross-Reference
• Designate Warehouse where Received
• On-Hand Adjustment Capability
• Cost Adjustment Capability
• Automatic Update to Inventory
• Receipt Edit Listing
• Quantity On Hand Adjustment Listing
• Cost Adjustment Listing