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SYSPAC Order Entry/Invoicing

This application maintains client order records and controls in-house inventory and job costs for accurate Order processing and Billing.

• Multi-entity, multi-warehouse system
• Completely menu driven
• Extensive cross-referencing
• Orders and invoices automatically sequentially numbered or user assigned
• Standard order/invoice print routine requires no special form - plain paper is acceptable, allowance for customized preprinted forms
• Unlimited description lines for payment terms, shipping instructions, comments, etc.
• Time sensitive custom pricing matrix, incorporating customer types, item types, units of measure, quantities, discounts, and various pricing methods
• Many time-saving features including user defaults and automatic displays/calculations and General Ledger distributions
• Client hold status, terms, credit limit, and A/R balance displayed on order entry screen
• Point-of-sale capability
• Capability to edit and reprint orders and invoices
• Capability to detail cost adjustments prior to invoicing and detail adjustments on the invoice
• No holdup in transaction processing while waiting for freight bills, etc.
• Bill-to and ship-to information appears on invoice
• Interfaces with SYSPAC General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, and Job Cost applications
• Allows 4 decimal place pricing and costing
• Automatic totaling of prices, costs, taxes, and freight charges
• Unlimited line items per order/invoice with paging capability
• Ability to generate one order for multiple jobs9Conveniently add new salesmen, billing and shipping information, items in inventory, and jobs from the order screen
• Back order processing capability
• Invoice history inquiry and print option
• Order dates maintained including acknowledged, needed, shipped and invoiced
• History inquiry and purge routines
• Comprehensive user reference material
• User-friendly, user-editable help screens


• Invoices
• Shipping labels
• Pick slips
• Data entry verification listings
• Posted transaction listings
• Error listings
• Invoice register
• Optional extensive sales analysis reports
• Commission report
• Back order report